Dr. Kanaly Performs the First Minimally Invasive iO-Flex Lumbar Decompression in Rhode Island

Lumbar stenosis is a common degenerative condition in the lower back that affects over 3 million Americans every year.  It can cause a number of different symptoms, including difficulty walking, lower back pain, or pain, weakness, numbness or tingling in the buttocks and legs. When conservative measures are no longer providing adequate relief, surgery can be very successful in alleviating these symptoms.  The Baxano iO-Flex is an exciting new surgical technique that allows for targeted decompression of the narrowed, degenerated areas while minimizing dissection and disruption of the nearby normal joints and tissue. This minimally-invasive approach may offer improvements in the amount of decompression while minimizing the size of incisions and the amount of normal tissue removal, and possibly even eliminating the need for a fusion surgery. These benefits may therefore improve patient outcomes, including less postoperative pain, less blood loss, and quicker recoveries.

Dr. Kanaly is excited to be the first and only surgeon in Rhode Island to be able to offer this technique to patients, and he performs the procedure at both Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island in Pawtucket, RI and Roger Williams Medical Center in Providence, RI .

Here are the actual x-ray images from the operating room of the first decompression performed with this technique in Rhode Island:

X-ray video

For a brief animation about the specifics of this technique, please watch an animation by clicking here.

Please see Baxano’s YouTube Channel for additional information about this exciting new technique.

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